1. Company Income Tax (CIT).
2. Petroleum Profits Tax (PPT)
3. Value Added Tax (VAT)
4. Education Tax (EDT)
5. Stamp Duties (STD)
6. Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
7. National Information Technology Development Fund (NITDEF) Levy
8. Acceptance Certificate for Capital Expenditure On Fixed Assets
9. Annual Returns Filing with the Federal Inland Revenue Services

1. Personal Income Tax (PIT)
2. Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) i.e. taxes from employment.
3. Direct Assessment
4. Withholding Tax (WHT)
5. Development Levy
6. Business Premises
7. Annual Returns Filing with the State Internal Revenue Services
8. Periodic Returns Remittances

1. Tax Health Check
2. Annual Retainer & Advisory Services
3. Tax Planning Services

1. Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Registration & Compiance Certificate
2. National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Registration & Compiance Certificate
3. Pension Commission (PENCOM) Registration & Compiance Certificate
4. Nigeria Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) Registration