The first step in getting off the ground is to set up an entity. We are there to guide and advise you on the best possible structure for your new business considering all existing government regulatory requirement to help you avoid all avoidable business start up issues.

Business we help incorporate/ register:

1. Private Limited Company (Ltd)
2. Public Limited Company (Plc)
3. Incorporated Trustee (Not For Profit)

We help develop feasibility studies and business plans to help entities evaluate the feasibility of starting a business venture and put in place for them a workable and bankable Business Plan. This helps entities guide the allocation of their scarce resources to avoid waste in order to achieve optimal take off of their new business venture.

We help entities carry on market research and surveys to help them determine the feasibility of their business venture before they take action toward committing their resources. In doing this we deploy statistical and analytical techniques to ensure we provide our clients with sound information to support decision making.

With cost, quality, service, and response time being our core target we use innovative techniques and the deployment of sound systems to help ailing businesses redesign their core business processes to achieve strong improvements in product or service delivery, turnaround time and quality. In doing this we review their existing business processes, job descriptions, organizational structures, management systems, work flows, and underlying assumptions and beliefs.