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Just like any living human, an existing business also has a life.  This means that there are times when a business isn’t feeling too well and may require a very quick intervention to nip in the bud a very small problem that has actually at sometimes in the past destroyed many great businesses founded by very adventurous people. The best way to find out about your business health problems before it’s too late is to carry out a Business Health Check (BHC) and this should be carried out periodically using an independent party.

If you are running a business and you start to fail on one or more of your obligations to one or more parties be it staff, customers, supplier etc. it is a sign of a business health problem and if you start to feel all is well with your business, that is also a good time to actually pause for a review of your business because some situations may not be as they seem.

Benefits of a Business Health Check (BHC)

  • It identifies key areas of needing improvement;
  • It prioritises the areas of needing improvement into measurable projects with clearly defined and desired outcomes;
  • It gives a snap shoot of all your business operations.
  • It helps improve your business health
  • It serves as an assurance to suppliers, banks and insurance companies

What kind of business requires the Business Health Check (BHC)?

All businesses require the business health check.


How regular should Business Health Check (BHC) be carried out?

A Business Health Check should be carried out annually.


Who should carry out the Business Health Check (BHC)?

Any knowledgeable and objective party can be used to carry out a Business Health Check (BHC). An independent party like a Management Consultant can be used to carry out a Business Health Check (BHC) for objectivity.

How expensive is a Business Health Check (BHC)?

You would be surprise that it is not expensive as you think.


Who can you contact to do a Business Health Check (BHC) for your Business?

You can contact us at INCE Consulting Limited


Contact us at info@inceconsulting.com or +234 (0) 803 876 7883, +234-818 233 7740 to get expert help because we are the best business support service partner you can get.

Visit our website at www.inceconsulting.com for more information

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